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Once Upon A Midwinter

by Jeff Stockton

Snow began in dark of night. Daylight dawns on a world of white. Through frosted windows I can see Snow laden branches on every tree. Snowflakes whirling to the ground, Swirling clouds fall without a sound. No sky above, no earth below - A universe of falling snow Come take my hand, Come play in the falling snow. In the magic we’ll dance While the snow settles soft and slow Catch a snowflake upon your tongue Who’d have thought it could taste so sweet In our hearts we are ever young Every heart holds childhood dreams Eventide and darkness falls It wraps around us, one and all Here beneath the ancient pines The fire sings of fate’s designs To the fire we are drawn For song and story ’til the night is gone We’ll light the dark with tales of old Of adventurers and of riddles told Stories unfold Holding the heart spellbound Words weaving worlds There is magic all around Sweet the song of wintertide,
 Frost woven in the air
 Safe and warm by the bright fireside, Snow falling everywhere. Once Upon A Midwinter Night,
 Here where the lanterns gleam
 Rising up are our hearts in flight Weaving Midwinter Dreams.
Blessed Be 02:32
Blessed Be - sweet winds caress your face Blessed Be - warm sun bring you its grace Blessed Be - clear waters on your tongue Blessed Be - stand tall mountain strong May Love surround you and strengthen your heart Bright and warm as the winter hearth May Love protect you on the darkest of roads May you find welcome even far from home Blessed Be - bright stars to guide your way Blessed Be - new hope each break of day Blessed Be - shine like the midday sun Blessed Be - sweet rest when day is done
I saw the Honeybee dancing over the meadows green Dance in joy so completely free - the sweetest thing I had ever seen From each blossom a sweet ambrosia was carried off in the summer air It was poetry in motion and then I saw you dancing there All in one moment - it happened suddenly My heart had opened - like the blossom to the bee You bring my heart sweetness, you bring my heart joy You bring my life completeness Your love is sweet as nectar - Our love will endure Like Honey and Holy Water - you are an answer to my prayers Now through the seasons we’ve danced together under the sun and beneath the stars Stormy skies you are my shelter, you are the fire within my hearth You are my love you’re my greatest treasure my heart is dancing my words are true Like honeycombs in the depth of winter - the sweetest thing in my life is you Honey tastes sweeter coming from your hand Honey tastes sweeter coming from your hand You bring my heart sweetness, you bring my heart joy You bring my life completeness Your love is sweet as nectar - Our love will endure Like Honey and Holy Water - you are the answer to my prayers!
Evenstar 03:11
I stood on a hill new laden with snow A single star shone out from the cold evening glow There was no other who could see what I could see I stood and watched the Evenstar as it watched over me I heard the star sing on the eve of Midwinter A magical thing and sweet to remember. It sang ‘Hope in your heart is a bright burning ember Dream of spring, and the warm summer splendour’ A new hope was kindled, and o I could see A bright spark of promise shine through strong and clear A light in the depth of this Midwinter dark Brought a fire to my eyes and a song to my heart My thoughts turned to you beneath the same stars To the fire in your eyes, to the song in your heart A light in the depth of this Midwinter dark This is my wish for you wherever you are This is my wish under the Evenstar


released November 11, 2018


all rights reserved



Jeff Stockton Water Valley, Alberta

Jeff Stockton is a Celtic Harpist, Singer and Storyteller.

An award winning recording artist, he has released 5 CD’s of his work:
'Sacred Ground' (Celtic); 'Beneath the Boughs' (instrumental music); 'Wisdom of the Woods' (storytelling); "Between Two Lights" (Celtic);
and "Once Upon A Midwinter" (storytelling)

Both of his storytelling recordings have won international awards.
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